横尾忠則 全Y字路 [YB076]

横尾忠則 全Y字路 [YB076]

販売価格: 5,060円(税込)

重さ: 1281g




【商品名】横尾忠則 全Y字路



【判型】A4版変形 176頁

 Y字形の三叉路を幻想的に描く「Y字路」シリーズは、国際的にも高く評価された横尾の代表作です。記憶や夢のイメージが加わり,様々なバリエーションが生まれます。この度、その変化が極限まで達したと作家自身が判断し、「以前のY字路を含む全153点」の作品を制作順に集成いたしました。制作過程を明らかにする写真やスケッチ等の資料を加えた決定版です。過去・現在・未来が出会い、分かれていく、絵画の冒険をご鑑賞ください。 神戸市の横尾忠則現代美術館では,開館三周年の記念展として,2015年8月8日から2015年11月23日まで「横尾忠則 続・Y字路」が催されます。「Y字路」作品が一堂に会する貴重な機会となりますので、あわせてご覧いただければと思います。

Y-Junction The Complete Series

Y字路で見る夢  建畠晢
A Dream I Saw at the Y-Junction  Akira Tatehata

横尾忠則 略歴
Tadanori Yokoo Profile

図録≪横尾忠則 続・Y字路≫
2015年8月、横尾忠則現代美術館にて開催の「横尾忠則 続・Y字路」のための図録でもあります。

【Product ID】YB076

【Product name】Tadanori Yokoo All Y-junctions

【Published by】Iwanami Shoten

【Publication Date】August 6, 2015

【Size】A4 size, 176 pages


The "Y-junction" series, which fantastically depicts a Y-shaped three-way street, is Yokoo's internationally acclaimed masterpiece. With the addition of images of memories and dreams, various variations are created. The artist himself has decided that these changes have reached their extreme limits, and has now assembled a total of 153 works, "including previous Y-junctions," in the order in which they were created. This definitive edition includes photographs, sketches, and other materials that clarify the process of creation. Please enjoy the adventure of paintings in which the past, present, and future meet and diverge. The Tadanori Yokoo Museum of Contemporary Art in Kobe will hold "Tadanori Yokoo: Sequel to Y-junction" from August 8, 2015 to November 23, 2015 as a commemorative exhibition for the museum's third anniversary. This exhibition will be a rare opportunity to see all the "Y-junction" works in one place, and we hope you will visit the exhibition as well.

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Y-Junction The Complete Series

A Dream I Saw at the Y-Junction Akira Tatehata

Tadanori Yokoo Profile

Catalogue "Tadanori Yokoo: Sequel to Y-Junction
This is also the catalogue for "Tadanori Yokoo Sequel to Y-Junction," which will be held at the Tadanori Yokoo Museum of Contemporary Art in August 2015."