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~The customer from the foreign countries~

Thank you for visiting Tadanori Yokoo’s Online Shop.
If you may understand Japanese,
Please order using the normal ordering method.
But If you don’t understand Japanese, please order by the following method.
* Items name or item’s ID and desired number of orders.
* Your name.
* Your address, zip code and your country.
* Phone number.
* E-mail Address.
■For overseas shipment■
1.it will be tax free, it becomes cheaper than the price of our Online Shop.
Tax will be refunded later by the Pay Pal.
(10% tax is included in the Online Shop display price).
2 .We calculate the postage in EMS and will inform the gross to you .
3. We send the items, after Paypal's payment is completed.

Price, specification is subject to change without notice.

Thank you for your corporations,

Art Planet. Y
E-mail address : net@tadanoriyokoo.com

2012/5/2より、リニューアルオープン致しましたONLINE SHOPを御覧頂ける様になりました。


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