「死なないつもり」 [YB084]

「死なないつもり」 [YB084]

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重さ: 150g



著者/横尾 忠則
発行/ポプラ社 (2016/10/7)


第1章 無頓着で行こう
第2章 僕はいつも絵と対話している
第3章 ビバ! 老人文化
ビバ! 老人文化/隠居宣言から減塩宣言へ/早く老人になりたい/毎日が仏教世界/ものを作れば寿命は延びる/目指すは腹七分/故郷は僕の栄養源/いつだってキョロキョロしたい
第4章 僕の道楽

Product ID: YB084
Product Name: "I'm not going to die" (Poplar New Book 108)
Author/Tadanori Yokoo
Publisher/Poplar Publishing (October 7, 2016)
Style: New book size, lined, 208 pages

I don't aim for perfection, but dare to leave things unfinished.
Unfinished is what will follow tomorrow."
I am interested in one thing: life.
I don't care when I die.
--This year, at the age of 80, the artist, who has constantly surprised the world by seeking change and opening up new creations, talks about his creations and his life.

【Table of Contents】
Chapter 1: Let's Be Indifferent
Let other forces be your ally / Who you are is no longer important / A chance to be on the verge of destruction / There will never be an answer / More careless than mindless / Born unfinished and die unfinished / I do not have a black history / Insatiability is necessary for freedom
Chapter 2: I am always in dialogue with my paintings
The painting says, "Don't paint any more," / If you keep on mixing things up, they become boring / Never paint cautiously / Destroy, destroy, revive / Picasso and Duchamp, discarded painters / When looking at a painting, open your heart.
Chapter 3: Viva! Culture of the elderly
Viva! Culture for the Elderly / From a Declaration of Retirement to a Declaration of Salt Reduction / I want to become an old man as soon as possible / Everyday is a Buddhist world / If you make things, your life span will be prolonged / My goal is to have a seven-minute stomach / My hometown is my source of nutrition / Always on the lookout for something new
Chapter 4: My Road Trip
Cats are my alter ego, a necessity of life / I am Tama's servant / Learning how to quit from cats / The impact of hippie fashion / I want to paint in a suit / Traveling is always risking my life / A journey to meet Indio spirits / Winning and losing is interesting